Trash Bag

Size: 36″ x 48″
Quantity: 50 pcs per packet
Unit Price: $10.60 per packet

Cotton Gloves

Size: 12 pairs / packet
Type: 400 g
Unit Price: $5.40 / packet

Drop Cloth

Size: 9 ft x 12 ft
Area: 108 sqft
Unit Price: $2.40 / pc



Non slip, waterproof, milder proof
Easy spread out, one-piece construction
Protects against paint spills and splashes
Cover vehicles & furnishings to protect against dust & dirt

Tape Dispenser

Size: Free Size
Type: DIY Tools
Unit Price: $3.60 / pc

Cotton Gloves

Size: 12 pairs / packet
Type: 700 g
Unit Price: $6.40 / packet

Utility Cutter

Size: S
Type: Pen knife
Unit Price: $1.20 / pc

Utility Cutter

Size: L
Type: Pen Knife Large
Unit Price: $2.40 / pc

Cloth Tape

Size: 48mm x 7 metre
Type: Self Adhesive
Unit Price: $2.80 / pc

OREX Cordless Power Drill Driver

Volt: 14.4V
Type: Mabuchi Motor
Unit Price: $128.40 / set

Cable Ties

Size: 4.8 mm x 12″
Type: Self Tie
Unit Price: $5.90 / packet

OREX Permanent Marker

Colours: Black / Blue / Red
Type: Permanent
Unit Price: $1.60 / pc

Cable Ties

Size: 3.6 mm x 6″
Type: Self Tie
Unit Price: $2.40 / packet

Home Ladder

Size: 4 Step, 5 Step & 6 Step
Family-use ladder with handle, Large platform provide comfortable working area, Slip resistant and rigid steps, Duty rating 150kg

Unit Price:
4 Step – $47.10
5 Step – $53.50
6 Step – $59.90


(Out of Stock)

Step Stool

Size: 2 Step & 3 Step
Family Step Stool, Slip resistant and rigid steps, Duty rating 150kg

Unit Price:
2 Step – $42.80
3 Step – $64.20


(Out of Stock)

Edge Board Protectors

Dimension: 50x50x4x1200mm
Pallet Edge Protectors help stabilize strapped or stretch-wrapped loads by preventing load shifting and strap damage. Made of rigid, laminated fiberboard, Pallet Edge Protectors also help distribute the strapping tension over a wider area to make the pallet stronger for double-stacking, if needed. The more laminated layers of fiberboard the stronger the edge protector. Use light-to-medium edge protectors with glue, staples or stretch wrap to secure light loads. Heavy weight loads require heavy duty edge protectors used in conjunction with plastic or steel strapping. Carton quantity varies by corner board thickness and length. Use a radical saw to cut a Pallet Edge Protector to any desired length.

Unit Price:
$1.20 each


(Out of Stock)

Kraft Paper Dunnage Bag

Size: 36 “x 71”
Your Cargo “Bodyguards”. Dunnage air bags are used to secure a cargo and create a bulk head during transit. Dunnage air bags are great void fillers to prevent movement and absorb impacts in a sea container, rail car, truck, vessel or intermodal.
As compared to the Woven Polypropylene (PP) dunnage air bag, the kraft paper dunnage air bags incorporates strong multi-layer technique, which allows the airbag to be stiffer. To inflate the dunnage air bag, use our inflation tool – valve systems!

Unit Price:
$15.00 each


(Out of Stock)




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