Product: Mic-Pac

Size:0.05 m3 / Bag

Price Per Bag: $5.90

Product: Mic-Pac

Size: 14Cuft / Bag

Weight: 1.5kg / Bag

Price Per Bag: $35.30

At Carton Box Singapore, we offer ultra-lightweight Mic-Pac that flow evenly and quickly inside a carton box and provide amazing cushioning to your packed goods, thus avoiding the risk of damage during transportation. They are mainly used to fill the voids in carton boxes after the goods have been placed as an added protection. Since these loose filling forms are lighter that conventional packaging materials, they reduce freight cost thus saving you money. They are highly resilient, which means they can be reused too. Our Mic-Pac are ideal for both home and businesses.

For what purpose Mic-Pac is usually used?


They fill the voids remaining in the carton box. Being flexible and tiny, they easily flow into the void spaces around articles of different shapes and sizes. This reduces the risk of damage during storage or transportation.

Packaging and Storage

Mic-Pac is used in various industries as packaging fillers. Since they are highly resilient and lightweight, they reduce freight cost and are cost-effective than any other packaging options. They offer a substantial saving on storage cost as well.

Key Features/Benefits of Mic Pac
  • Superior Cushioning
  • Reduced Freight Cost
  • Highly Resilient and Reusable
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Protective Void Filling
  • Reduces risk of Damage
  • Moisture-Resistant
  • Dustless, Odorless and Chemically inert




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